Cardiac and Vascular Care Products Manufacturing Facility in Temecula, CA

Water Works, Inc. announces the completion of a new installation of a validated purified water system for a large GMP manufacturing facility in Temecula, CA. The facility specializes in manufacturing medical devices for a global company with a leading position in Cardiac and Vascular Care Products.


Installation Overview

The customer needed a water purification system to accommodate their newly built QC labs.

This was an exciting project with unique set of challenges, where the Water Works team excelled at meeting performance needs of GMP manufacturing on an aggressive project schedule while meeting the sensitive construction and reliability characteristics of the space. 

To ensure consistent performance, easy maintenance, and control essential for GMP manufacturing, Water Works installed its most popular system, the ES-1, to produce validated low organic and microbial contaminants 18 Megohm water. This validated system was constructed with high purity materials, using infrared-fused PVDF pipes, valves, and fittings.

In addition to delivering superior performance, the water purification system was able to achieve up to 50% energy savings over the typical purified water systems by utilizing ultra low-pressure RO membrane technology and high efficiency components.

The successfully limit the footprint, Water Works designed a custom, small-footprint system that fit on the mezzanine located on the top floor, above the labs and manufacturing area.  To ensure flood protection of the equipment and operations on the lower levels of the buildings, the Water Works team built the system to be operated by a UL-listed, solid state system controller.

Finally, Water Works delivered a comprehensive documentation package to provide commissioning support for quick and easy validation.

Per the customer's request, the Water Works team used an accelerated project schedule, essentially cutting the lead time by 50% and completing it in 5 weeks